Super Omega 3 – 180 Capsules

Super Omega 3 – A safe bet for longevity

Fresh, unprocessed natural omega 3 derived from Norwegian salmon. This is our superstar of Omega3.

Super Omega 3 is processed without additives and is a natural source of omega fatty acids – which have been clinically shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


Super Omega 3 – The pure sensation for health

Super Omega 3, sourced from the pristine waters of Norwegian Atlantic Salmon (Salma Saler), stands as a beacon of quality and purity in the omega-3 realm. Through a patented “Fresh Release” technology, this supplement ensures a gentle extraction process, preserving the innate quality and composition of the omega-3 oil. Leran more on omega 3 here.

Unparalleled Excellence

With Super Omega 3, each capsule epitomizes unparalleled quality. The distinct extraction process guarantees a salmon oil free from any fishy aftertaste. Notably, the capsules’ rich red hue arises from natural antioxidants, specifically astaxanthin, inherent in salmon. These antioxidants, combined with the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, mirror the natural blend found in Norwegian salmon. Furthermore, the certification by “Friends of the Sea”, a leading marine product organization, underscores its sustainable production. See our omega 3 selection here.

Distinguishing Features of Super Omega 3:

  • Fresh, pristine salmon oil mirroring ancestral dietary habits.
  • Supports cardiovascular health by mitigating arterial plaque accumulation.
  • Produced sustainably and certified by “Friends of the Sea”.
  • Comprises solely of fresh ingredients, devoid of additives.

Usage Recommendations: Incorporate 5 capsules daily with meal.

A Glimpse into Production:

The Super Omega 3 journey begins with our collaboration with local salmon suppliers. Emphasizing freshness, the salmon undergoes processing within a mere 48 hours post-gutting. This swift transition, facilitated by the proximity of production sites, ensures optimal quality maintenance.

Unveiling the Extraction Process:

Our gentle approach to salmon oil extraction employs natural enzymatic hydrolysis. This method mimics the body’s digestive processes, ensuring no chemical interference. The outcome? Pure, unadulterated omega-3 oils, brimming with their inherent benefits.

Antioxidant-Rich Omega 3:

Beyond its omega-3 content, Super Omega 3 shines with its antioxidant potency. The rich, natural red hue of the product stems from astaxanthin. Unlike conventional processes where this vital antioxidant might be compromised and later supplemented, our “Fresh Release” technology retains it in its natural state. Consequently, Salmon oil boasts nearly double the antioxidant levels compared to many counterparts.

Unveiling the Health Advantages:

Super Omega 3, enriched with omega-3 from salmon, champions cardiovascular wellness. By curbing arterial plaque deposition, it emerges as a pivotal ally for heart health.

Usage Guidelines: For optimal results, consume 5 capsules daily alongside meal.

Nutrition Declaration

Nutrition Declaration
Serving size: 2 capsules
Amount per servingPer 2 capsules
Norwegian Atlantic Salmol oil2000 mg
Total Omega 3340 mg
-Of Which EPA60 mg
-Of Which DHA80 mg
-Of Which DPA30 mg
Asthaxanthin*12 mcg
Ingredients: Fresh non concentrated Norwegian Atlantic Salmon (Salma salar) oil, capsule material (gelatine (bovine), water, humectant (glycerine)).

Fresh unrefined non concentrated Salmon Oil Omega 3 does not contain any additives. Norwegian Atlantic Salmon is the freshest oil available in the world and contains the whole natural nutritional value like nature intended. Certified sustainable by friend of the Sea. Contains a significant amount of *Asthaxanthin (a natural antioxidant).


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