Unique freshness

Ultra Omega 3 made by Norwegian Salmon Oil is the freshest fish oil available on the market today. Our processing facility is located near the salmon processing centers, which facilitates production within hours of processing the fish. In order to maintain all the valuable nutrients in OmeGo®, and to eliminate rancidity, it is essential to avoid oxidation during the transport and processing of the fish oil.

Enzymatic extraction

Releasing the fish oil from salmon does not use heat, boil or press raw material in our patented extraction process. This enables the salmon oil to preserve all the natural lipids and bioactive compounds from whole Norwegian salmon. To maintain the unique attributes of the oil we have developed a proprietary enzymatic extraction technology, which solubilizes the flesh and allows full separation of the oil at very low temperatures thus avoiding oxidation.


Salmon oil in Ultra Omega 3 is Certified sustainable by Friend of the Sea, sustainability is the foundation of our business. 100 % utilization towards human and pet grade production is our mission. Norway is the pioneer and leader of the Atlantic salmon raising industry, enjoying over a decade of sustained harvest growth – 2015 harvested volumes were 1.3 million metric ton of whole fish.