Super Omega 3, unveiling the Benefits of Salmon oil

Discover the unparalleled freshness and quality of premium Norwegian salmon omega-3. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the unique features, patented technologies, and health benefits that set Super Omega 3 apart as a top-tier supplement for cardiovascular health.

Unique Freshness and Patented Production Process

Super Omega 3 stands out as the freshest and cleanest Norwegian salmon omega-3 globally. Raw materials is sourced exclusively from Atlantic Salmon (Salma Saler). The revolutionary “Fresh Release” technology, a patented extraction process, ensures the gentle release of omega-3 oil from the salmon. This distinctive approach preserves the natural quality and composition of the oil, setting it apart from conventional methods.

Quality Assurance and Certification

Experience peace of mind with Super Omega 3; every capsule guarantees remarkably high quality. The unique extraction method eliminates any fishy aftertaste, and the vibrant red tint reflects the natural antioxidants xhantin in salmon. Xhanthin contribute to the preservation of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Certified by “Friends of the Sea,” a leading organization for marine products, Super Omega 3 is produced sustainably, meeting the highest standards for environmental responsibility as laid out in our Quality statements.

Why Super Omega 3?

Taking Omega 3 daily mirrors the health benefits of consuming fresh salmon. The Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA promote cardiovascular well-being by reducing arterial plaque build-up. There are no additives, so it’s an ideal supplement for maintaining heart health, and the recommended daily dosage of 5 capsules as part of a meal ensures its effectiveness.

The Gentle Production Process

Super Omega 3’s development through patented technology ensures it remains unexposed to heavy processing, concentration, or additives. The “Fresh Release” technology enables the extraction of fresh salmon oil in a completely natural way, maintaining the traceability and certification of its production.

Contents and Extraction Process

Cooperating with local salmon suppliers, handles salmon off cuts as fresh goods throughout the production process. The oil extraction relies on natural enzyme processes, becauce of the specifically enzymatic hydrolysis, avoiding the use of chemicals. This gentle process results in pure, naturally fresh Omega 3 oils with all their inherent benefits intact.

Levels of Antioxidants:

The naturally red color of Salmon oil comes from astaxanthin, a potent antioxidant found in Norwegian salmon. The “Fresh Release” technology preserves the antioxidant’s natural form, ensuring the natural Omega 3’s antioxidant content is almost twice that of any other Omega 3 product.

Health Benefits of Super Omega 3

Rich in omega-3 from salmon, actively contributes to reducing arterial plaque formation, promoting improved cardiovascular health. Natural EPA and DHA levels. Other health benefits you can find in articles here.

Certified sustainable

Friend of the Sea, has certified salmon omega 3 sustainable. Emphasizes sustainability as the foundation of its business. With 100% utilization towards human consumption, natural Salmon Omega 3 aligns with Norway’s pioneering role in the Atlantic salmon industry, ensuring a sustainable harvest for over a decade.

Unlock the full potential of your cardiovascular health with Omega 3.

Backed by a patented production process and sustainable practices is our commitment to quality. Norwegian salmon omega-3 supplement stands as a beacon of freshness and effectiveness in the world of nutritional supplements. Incorporate Super Omega 3 into your daily routine, and so experience the benefits of optimal heart health. Are u looking for additional supplements please have a look at our range of products here.