Salmon Collagen Protein: Metabolic Benefits and Superiority Over Whey Protein Isolate

In the quest for optimal health and fitness, selecting the right protein supplement is crucial. This unique protein stands out, surpassing traditional options like Whey Protein Isolate. A groundbreaking study in the Journal of Obesity & Weight Loss Therapy highlights the remarkable benefits of Salmon Collagen Protein, sourced from fresh salmon off-cuts. The findings not only emphasize its efficacy in reducing Body Mass Index (BMI) but also its positive impact on vital metabolism-related biomarkers.

Metabolic Advantages of Advanced Collagen Protein:

A 42-day study revealed that daily intake of 16 g of salmon collagen protein hydrolysate significantly cut BMI by 5.6% in overweight subjects, outperforming Whey Protein Isolate. These findings suggest that Salmon Collagen Protein could revolutionize weight management.

Salmon Collagen Protein’s Impact on Serum Biomarkers:

Deeper research analyzed four critical serum biomarkers – bile acid, interleukin-6, Preheparin lipoprotein lipase mass, and adiponectin. Statistical analysis showed significant improvements when subjects consumed collagen protein hydrolysate, indicating a positive impact on metabolic processes.


The study proposes a metabolism-elevating mode-of-action for Salmon Collagen Protein, actively influencing metabolic pathways for enhanced fat metabolism and weight management. Notably, these effects occurred without altering subjects’ exercise levels, emphasizing Collagen Protein’s inherent efficacy. Try out the Advanced Collagen Protein powder by Nortech Nutrition for these benefits.

Future Research Avenues:

As the scientific community explores Salmon Collagen Protein’s potential, future research aims to identify specific active peptide components responsible for its biological activity in obesity control. This promises a nuanced understanding, paving the way for targeted interventions against obesity. Follow for more articles on collagen protein here.


In protein supplementation, Advanced Collagen Protein shines compared to Whey Protein Isolate, evidenced by the Framroze et al. study. Beyond BMI reductions, it positively influences key serum biomarkers linked to metabolism. In the journey of weight management, Advanced Collagen Protein emerges as a powerful ally for a healthier, vibrant life.

Reference: Journal of Obesity & Weight Loss Therapy, Framroze et al., J Obes Weight Loss Ther 2016, 6:1