Max 100 Bar – Caramel Almond Crunch

MAX 100 protein bar is entering the scene with a new class of protein bars supporting active people. Sugar free can be good at times but make no mistake; A well thought out combination of protein, carbs and fat is what gets you on the fast track to recovery and support your daily tasks. This chunk of protein is the perfect refuel after strenuous workouts or outdoor hiking trips, nothing is better than Max 100 protein bar as your mid-day meal replacement when short on time.

Max 100 Protein Bar is a flavour favourite with a whopping 30 grams of protein and plenty of energy. This is bar is pure force! With a Max 100 Protein Bar in your bag, you’ve made quenching the hunger easy – whether it is post workout or as a snack at work.

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Max 100 Protein Bar is packed with flavour, 30 grams of protein and a lot of energy. A best seller! With Max 100 Protein Bar, Nortech Nutrition has set the bar. This is how a protein bar should look and taste. A large bar, packed full of nutrients, packed with protein paired with a great flavour that stops hunger dead in its tracks. It is perfect when hiking, working out and during restitution. You can even cut it up in pieces and have it as a treat on a Saturday night.

Our demand of quality is your security:


Max 100 protein bar – A nutritional tool in Big Bites.

Max 100 protein bar supports daily performance. Grinding through long workdays and challenging training sessions, Max 100 supply energy with protein to make the brain and body work like a freight train. Remember; you BURN calories, you do NOT store them. Got it!

Max 100 Protein Bar comes in 4 flavours:

  • Salty Caramel Heaven
  • Tasty Peanut Caramel
  • Caramel Cashew Heaven
  • Caramel Almond Crunch

All bars have a delicious chocolate coating!

Max 100 protein bar – A trending performer

Performance hidden in every bite. High level of activity requires serious nutritional support. Endurance sports and cross-fitters requires 40g carbs at a minimum each hour to sustain energy and 2g high quality protein each kg body weight daily. Protein supply is critical for the human body to sustain and protect muscles and further avoid injuries. All kind of activities can be supported by Max 100 protein bars.

Your stamina will improve when you are fueled with energy. Make sure you have Max 100 bars available going the gym and outdoors, at no place and time are these hunger satisfying protein bars more appropriate. Tired of those dry hard bars that claim high protein? No excuses, try these new trending performers, amazingly soft and tasty loaded with protein. Max 100 Protein bar may just be the ticket for you. Question is – Can you handle it?


Max 100 Protein Bar is a Big mammoth bar from Nortech Nutrition. Not only packed with protein and energy but also brimming with great fatty acids. More than 400 calories in a single bar. Go for this bar and we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied. The perfect companion between your regular meals – to keep the body going. Max 100 Protein Bar is 100% Taste, energy, protein, and effect!

Nutrition Declaration

Nutrition Declaration
Serving size: 100 g
Amount per serving 1Per 100gPer serving
Energy1623 kJ7 385 kcal1623 kJ7 385 kcal
Fat9,8 g9,8 g
-Of which saturated fat5,2 g5,2 g
Carbohydrates44,9 g44,9 g
-Of which sugar37,1 g37,1 g
Dietary fiber2,3 g2,3 g
Protein28,1 g28,1 g
Salt0,63 g0,63 g
Ingredients: Glucose syrup, milk protein, invert sugar syrup, chocolate 18% (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier (soy lecithin)), soy protein, hydrolysed wheat gluten, low fat cocoa 2,0%, cocoa mass 2,0%, flavours, soy oil, salt, emulsifier (soy lecithin).


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