ISOMAX HYDRO Whey 4 LB (1800g) Classic Milk Chocolate

ISOMAX HYDRO Whey Protein stands as a premier choice in fitness nutrition. Harnessing the power of hydrolyzed whey, it ensures rapid absorption, promoting swift muscle recovery and growth. Crafted for elite athletes and discerning fitness enthusiasts, its superior quality and efficacy make it a trusted cornerstone for peak performance and unparalleled gains.”

Comparison graph of absorption rates: Hydrolyzed Whey vs. Whey Concentrate; EFSA claim on muscle growth; ISOMAX HYDRO benefits list.


ISOMAX HYDRO Whey 4 LB (1800g) Classic Milk Chocolate

Experience peak performance with ISOMAX HYDRO Whey Protein. Meticulously crafted from hydrolysed whey isolate, it stands as the pinnacle of protein excellence. Trusted worldwide for its swift absorption and unmatched biological value, it’s the go-to choice for discerning athletes.

Directions of use: Blend 32g (1 scoop) with 200-300ml (7-10 fl Oz) water. Whether post-workout or throughout the day, amplify your protein intake and elevate your fitness journey with every sip and learn more about hydrolysed whey here.

ISOMAX HYDRO Whey Protein: The Gold Standard in Protein Excellence

In the realm of fitness and athletic performance, the right nutrition can be the game-changer. Enter ISOMAX HYDRO Whey Protein, a product meticulously designed to cater to the needs of elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

At the heart of ISOMAX HYDRO lies its primary ingredient: hydrolysed whey isolate. But what makes this particular form of whey stand out? Hydrolysed whey undergoes a process that breaks down the protein into smaller fragments, facilitating rapid absorption into the bloodstream. This means that post-workout, when your muscles are crying out for nourishment, ISOMAX HYDRO delivers protein swiftly, aiding in quicker muscle recovery and growth.

The packaging of ISOMAX HYDRO is nothing short of impressive. Presented in a sleek 4 LB black jar, its label captivates with its vibrant design and bold typography. But it’s not just about aesthetics. The packaging ensures the product’s freshness, potency, and longevity, safeguarding the integrity of the premium protein blend inside.

Speaking of the blend, each serving of ISOMAX HYDRO is a powerhouse of nutrition. Beyond its high protein content, it boasts a profile rich in essential amino acids. These are the building blocks of muscle tissue, playing a pivotal role in muscle repair and growth. Moreover, the formula is crafted with an awareness of dietary sensitivities, offering a product with low lactose content. This ensures that even those with lactose sensitivities can harness the benefits of this potent protein supplement without discomfort.

The true power of Hydrolysed Whey

What truly sets ISOMAX HYDRO apart in the crowded market of protein supplements is its superior bioavailability. Biological value (BV) is a measure of how efficiently the body can utilize protein. With a high BV, ISOMAX HYDRO ensures that a significant portion of the ingested protein is effectively utilized, maximizing its benefits for muscle health and performance.

But it’s not just about post-workout recovery. ISOMAX HYDRO can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routine. Whether you’re starting your day with a protein-packed smoothie, using it as a mid-day protein boost, or relying on it for post-exercise recovery, its versatility makes it a staple in any fitness arsenal.

In conclusion, ISOMAX HYDRO Whey Protein isn’t just another protein supplement; it’s a testament to quality, innovation, and dedication to athletic excellence. As you embark on your fitness journey or seek to elevate your current regimen, let ISOMAX HYDRO be your trusted companion, guiding you towards unparalleled gains, recovery, and overall well-being. You can learn more here.

Nutrition Declaration

Nutrition Declaration
Serving size: 32 g| Servings Per Jar: 56
Amount per servingPer 100gPer 32g
Energy1558 kJ / 371 kcal499 kJ / 119 kcal
Fat3,2 g1,0 g
-Of which saturated fat1,8 g0,6 g
Carbohydrates6,9 g2,2 g
-Of which sugar3,8 g1,2 g
Dietary fiber2,0 g0,6 g
Protein78,3 g25,1 g
Salt0,3 g0,1 g
Ingredients: Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate, Whey protein isolate, cacao, branched chain amino acids (l-leucine, l-isoleucine, l-valine), l-glutamine, natural flavour, anti-lump agent (tricalcium phosphate), thickener (guar gum), natural flavours, sweetener (sucralose), salt, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin). Contain sweeteners. Allergens in BOLD text.

Due to nature of raw materials used and sesonal variation nutrition values can fluxate ± 5%.


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