BCAA Instant 300g Magic Fruit Punch

BCAA Instant – Amplify Gains

When good gets better! BCAA Instant now with extra L-Glutamine and four brand new flavours for you to enjoy.

 We pushed our product developers and said we expected the best – and that is what we got! Unlock the Power of BCAA for Maximum Performance!


BCAA (Branched-Chain Amino Acids): Elevate Your Fitness Game

Discover the Essence of BCAA for Superior Results

Are you a dedicated fitness enthusiast, bodybuilder, or gym-goer? It’s time to elevate your workout routine and maximize your gains with our premium BCAA (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) formula—a groundbreaking addition to sports nutrition.

Why Our BCAA Formula Stands Out

1. Accelerated Muscle Recovery:
Firstly, BCAAs, including essential amino acids like Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine, are indispensable for muscle protein synthesis. Consequently, our BCAA formula facilitates swift post-workout recovery, ensuring you’re consistently prepared for subsequent training sessions.

2. Safeguard Your Muscles During Intense Workouts:
Moreover, rigorous workouts can lead to muscle breakdown. However, our Branced-chain amino acids formula serves as a protective barrier, preserving your muscle mass, therefore fostering an optimal environment for growth.

3. Unwavering Energy and Endurance:
Furthermore, BCAAs act as a crucial energy source during extended workouts, supplying your muscles with readily available fuel and postponing the onset of fatigue.

Designed for Today’s Dynamic Athlete

Above all, our BCAA formula is crafted with precision to meet the diverse needs of contemporary athletes. Whether you’re sculpting your physique, amplifying athletic performance, or pursuing peak vitality, our formula aligns seamlessly with your objectives, enhancing your path to excellence.

A Palette of Exciting Flavors

Additionally, indulge in our diverse range of flavors:

Unlock Unprecedented Growth with BCAA

Notably, if you haven’t experienced the transformative benefits of BCAA, now’s the perfect time. Incorporate BCAA into your regimen for optimized muscle growth and recovery. Moreover, our blend not only offers essential amino acids, but also serves as a refreshing thirst-quencher.

Usage Recommendations

For optimal results, mix one serving (10g) with 2 dl of cold water.

Elevate Your Performance with BCAA

In conclusion, harness the full potential of our Branced  blend. Combine it with Max Muscle Recovery for an unmatched post-workout concoction. In essence, provide your body with the essential resources it needs to rebuild, recover, and thrive.

Trust in Uncompromising Quality

In summary, our Branched-chain amino acids formula is meticulously sourced from premium ingredients, ensuring unparalleled quality, purity, and efficacy. Trust in a product that’s designed to propel your fitness journey to new horizons.

Seamless Integration for Superior Results

Consequently, integrate our BCAA blend effortlessly into your pre, intra, or post-workout routine. With its versatile and rapid-absorbing nature, it’s a valuable asset in your fitness arsenal.

Achieve Unparalleled Results with Our BCAA Combination!

Unlock Exceptional Performance with BCAA Instant and Max Muscle Recovery

Specifically formulated for optimal results, it’s the ultimate choice for dedicated athletes like you.

Your Post-Workout Mission: Empower Your Body

After investing time and effort into your workouts, your priority shifts to providing your body with essential resources for recovery, growth, and development. Ensure your hard work translates into visible, tangible results with our potent BCAA blend.

The Synergy of BCAA Instant and Max Muscle Recovery Offers:

  • Elevated Anabolic Potential
  • Rich in L-Leucine: A Key Anabolic Catalyst
  • Efficient Amino Acid Delivery to Muscle Cells
  • Comprehensive Amino Acid Inclusion: From di-, tri-, to multi-peptides
  • Electrolyte Phosphate Integration into Muscle Cells
  • Optimal Glycogen Restoration
  • Irresistible Flavor Profile
  • Replenishment of Creatine Phosphate Levels
  • Enhanced Muscle Volume and Recovery

Choose Excellence, Choose Yourself

When you indulge in our BCAA Instant and Max Muscle Recovery blend, remember: it’s not just for us—it’s a commitment to your own fitness journey. Elevate your performance, embrace recovery, and witness transformative results with each serving. Receive more knowledge about a Fitness lifetyle here.

Join the Vanguard of Sports Nutrition

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a burgeoning fitness enthusiast, our BCAA blend is poised to amplify your potential, elevating your performance with each workout.

Nutrition Declaration

Nutrition Declaration
Serving size: 10g
Amount per serving: Per 100gPer 10 g*
Energy1173 kJ / 276 kcal117 kJ / 28 kcal
Fat0,0 g0,0 g
-Of which saturated fat0,0 g0,0 g
Carbohydrates0,0 g0,0 g
-Of which sugar0,0 g0,0 g
Dietary fiber0,0 g0,0 g
Protein69,0 g6,9 g
Salt0,2 g0,02 g
Total BCAA69 000 mg6 900 mg
Of which L-Leucine34,9 g3,5 g
Of which L-Isoleucine17,4 g1,7 g
Of which L-Valine17,4 g1,7 g
L-Glutamine18,4 g1,8 g
Ingredients:BCAA amino acid 2:1:1 mix (L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine), L-glutamine, acidity regulator (malic acid), flavour, anticaking agent (tricalcium phosphate, silicon dioxide), sweetener (sucralose), magnesium oxide, colour (beetroot juice powder, carotene E160a), acidity regulator (tripotasium citrate, calcium lactate, tricalcium citrate, sodium bicarbonate), salt, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin). Contains sweeteners.

Allergen information: No allergen present.

*Calories & energy reference is only attributed to BCAA´s, other component has no energy reference.


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