A daily dietary intake of 16 g of salmon protein hydrolysate powder for 42 days statistically significantly reduced Body Mass Index by 5.6 % in overweight subjects, in comparison with a placebo-control of whey protein isolate. Four metabolism-relevant serum biomarkers – bile acid, interleukin-6, Preheparin lipoprotein lipase mass and adiponectin – were also positively impacted using one-tailed, paired student t-test analysis, leading to the proposed metabolism-elevating mode-of-action. Exercise levels were maintained for each subject as per their normal levels. Further research will seek to identify the active individual peptide components from the salmon protein hydrolysate with specific biological activity for obesity control. Salmon protein hydrolysate powder in supplemental doses may be a useful tool in the long-term management of obesity.

Source: Journal of Obesity & Weight Loss Therapy, Framroze et al., J Obes Weight Loss Ther 2016, 6:1